History of Springerville/Eagar

Welcome to Springerville, Arizona

Located in Northeastern Arizona, the Town of Springerville is at the heart of the growing southwest. Originally established in 1879, Springerville sits at an elevation of 7,000 feet. Growing around Henry Springer’s trading post, the town was incorporated in 1948. Along with it’s neighbor Eagar, both communities reside in the Round Valley within the whitemountain Mountains of Arizona.

Welcome to Eagar

Nestled at the base of the whitemountain Mountains in northeastern Arizona, the Town of Eagar serves as a central point to the region's recreational opportunities. Whether it's the winter skiing, fall colors, warm spring weather, or cool summer nights, Eagar is a natural choice for tourists. A low crime rate, small town atmosphere, easy access to major transportation hubs, and an affordable quality of life make Eagar a popular choice for small business expansion or relocation.

Four Seasons of Wonder...

highlight the quality of life that is experienced in the Town of Eagar. From skiing, ice fishing, and snowmobile rides, to camping, hunting, hiking, fishing, horseback riding and mountain biking—nowhere can you experience cleaner air and cool summer breezes.

A Rich History

In the late 1800’s the Eagar family homesteaded this part of northeastern Arizona among the tall ponderosa pines. Central to several small homesteads, the town was formed under the name "Union" as a symbol of the unity among the small settlements in the area. Incorporated in 1948, the town changed its name back to Eagar in honor of the original homesteaders. Along with its neighbor Springerville, the two communities are collectively known as Round Valley.

At an elevation of 7,000 feet, Eagar lies at the crossroads of several major thoroughfares in northeastern Arizona. Today, natural resources are still a small part of the community’s industries. Two power plants and the tourism-recreation industry form a substantial portion of the town’s employment base, while ranching, retail, and forest industries help to diversify the town’s economy.

It’s no wonder that tourism is a large part of Eagar: with over 2 million acres in the adjoining Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, numerous lakes and miles of pristine trout streams, tourists from Arizona and New Mexico flock to Eagar each year. Combined with winter skiing, sledding, and sight-seeing, it’s no wonder why Eagar has become a popular tourist destination.

Eagar, like all of Southern Apache County, is a designated Enterprise Zone, which can mean substantial tax savings for businesses expanding or relocating in the region.